5 Tips before your first Skydiving Jump

Skydiving is an extreme sport that is perfect for thrill seekers! If you enjoy adrenaline and the freedom of leaping to into the unknown, then this is a fun sport for you to try. These are 5 tips to help prepare you before your first skydiving jump. 

preparing for skydiving jump in southern california 

Wear Comfortable Clothes

The harness hug your thighs and lower body very snug, you'll definitely want to have your most comfy pants or leggings on. Avoid tight clothing, this allows your body to move your arms and legs up without any restrictions cause by your clothes. I highly recommend jogger pants or jeans that you have at home. 

Shoes must be snug and won't slip off while you're in air, it's part of the skydiving jump protocol, proper footwear. 

Tie your Hair 

If you have long hair you will want to wear a ponytail or braids. If you plan to jump with your hair down, bring a brush to detangle after the wind blows through your hair. The courtesy of tying your hair back allows the skydiving instructor to have full visibility without your hair getting in their face. 

Do not Eat a Meal at least 2 hours Prior

The jitters or excitement that build up to your skydiving adventure can create so much excitement that you might feel nauseas. We recommend that you avoid having a hearty meal at least 2 hours prior to your jump. 

Give your Skydiving Instructor a Gratuity Tip

Although it is not required, gratuity is a kind gesture since most skydiving instructors work by commission or 1099, meaning they get paid per jump. With Venmo, CashApp and Zelle, you won't need to carry cash, however, some people don't always utilize those convenient apps. 

Buy the Photo or Video Package

It's worth the purchase of your photo or video package! This may be your once in a lifetime opportunity to jump out of a plane and enjoy the birds eye views. Life gets busy and you may not have as much free time to enjoy these fun adventures, or maybe you've built up the guts and are planning your next bucket list adventure. Enjoy and capture the moment, you will be so happy you made the purchase.

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Have a safe & fun jump!